One of my favorite spots at Minoo Park (Photo: Irma Syahriar)

Weekend at Minoo Park, Osaka

In search of the amazing koyo leaves and tasty momiji

Irma Syahriar   - 2 min read

Autumn has always been my favorite season and I love watching the autumn foliage. I’d heard that Minoo Park has long been famous for its beautiful koyo as well as its unique and tasty momiji (fried maple leaves with sesame). Due to its proximity to the city, the park has also become a favorite destination to escape on the weekend. So, without hesitation I decided to venture the outskirts of Osaka to explore Minoo Park.

I took a train from Umeda (Hankyu) Station on the Takarazuka Line for Ishibashi (Osaka). I then changed to the Hankyu Minoo Line and arrived at Minoo Station. If you plan on going, don’t forget to grab a map from the Tourist Information Center once you exit the station. I found it to be very helpful.

Along the way you’ll be greeted by the absolutely amazing koyo. Take your time and enjoy the therapeutic walk. At the end of my walk, I finally got to taste momiji… I liked it very much that I had to buy another bag of those tempura chips! So, come and visit Minoo Park. It’s a nice place to enjoy autumn!

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Irma Syahriar

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