Apple and cinnamon pancakes served with maple syrup and whipped cream (Photo: Noro Randria)

Tables Cafe in Osaka

Affordable meal at a fancy looking place

Apple and cinnamon pancakes served with maple syrup and whipped cream (Photo: Noro Randria)
Noro Randria   - 3 min read

Tables Cafe is a shop located at an easy walking distance from the popular area of Dotombori on Midosuji street, the main street in Osaka that runs from Umeda in the north to Namba in the south. However, it is the kind of place that is not easy to find if you don't what you are looking for. You have to enter the Cross Hotel that has a direct access from Midosuji street, and the Tables Cafe will be on the right side, at the back of the first floor.

If, like me, you are not used to subdued light and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling when you're going out to eat, you may be a bit shy and almost feel out of place at first. But as soon as you enter the cafe, you are warmly greeted by a waiter and the simple but elegant furniture actually gives a very nice, cozy atmosphere to the room.

The name of the cafe comes from the fact that tables are important in our everyday lives as many things can be done around one. We use tables to eat of course, but also have a talk with friends or to study, for example. Tables Cafe invites the customer to take a seat and enjoy one of their sweets, hoping that you will leave the cafe thinking the food you ate was delicious.

Tables Cafe is especially famous for its pancakes and its crepes that are made using top quality flour and butter imported from France. Another particularity of the cafe is the use of organic maple syrup and honey, because they are said to be good for your health and help to make food taste better. If you decide to order a cup of coffee or a cup of herb tea, once again, the key word is organic.

Savory crepes and dishes such as sandwiches or curry rice are available on the menu, making Tables Cafe a place where you can also have lunch. However, I highly recommend that you try their pancakes; they are very well served and taste like you are eating a piece of heaven. You can get a crepe from ¥650 and it will cost you ¥1350 to eat the comb honey and fresh fruits pancake.​

One last good thing to know: Tables Cafe has free Wi-Fi access!

Noro Randria

Noro Randria @noro.randria