Glorious mini tarts (Photo: Jeradyne Cheong)

Pablo Mini Cheese Tarts

Japan's most delicious cheese tart in miniature form

Jeradyne Cheong   - 1 min read

Have you seen pictures and videos of the famous Pablo cheese tarts being cut open? The cheese inside oozes out and they look like the most delicious cheese tarts ever. However Pablo cheese tarts are pretty big, almost like a small pie. They're not exactly something you can eat on the go, or by the side of the road.

Happily, Pablo has opened up a charming little shop a short walk from Akihabara Station selling mini versions of their cheese tarts. Tried and tested – they taste just as amazing. The filling was creamy and rich, the crust was buttery and crumbly.

They cost ‎¥‎200 each for the plain original flavor and ‎¥‎230 for the matcha, chocolate and strawberry versions of the tart. The price for boxes of 6 ranges from ‎¥‎1,200 to ‎¥‎1,380 depending on the flavors you choose.

If you're ever in the area, please do me a favor and eat one (or two) for me!

Jeradyne Cheong

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