The market is popular with foodies from around the world. (Photo: Guillaume Dore)

Osaka's Kuromon Ichiba

A dream come true for all foodies

Guillaume Doré   - 1 min read

With prices ranging from ¥100 for a croquette (korokke) to ¥19 000 for a fugu or puffer fish, at Kuromon-Ichiba, any food lover will be satisfied.

The Kuromon-Ichiba is a market in a shopping street (shotengai) dedicated to food, located in Namba, Osaka. You can find stalls offering ready to eat food like chicken skewer (yakitori) and tempura, but also ingredients like tofu made in the market, seafood, shrimp, sea urchin, fish, meat and other produce. When you have completed you visit, don't forget to go to Doguyasuji, a shopping street for cooking instruments. After these two visits, you will be able to put you cooking skills to the test!

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Guillaume Doré

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