Oizumi in summer

Oizumi Ryokuchi Park

A lake park in Sakai City

Oizumi in summer
Aries Lucea   - 3 min read

On the southern part of Osaka, is the historic city of Sakai. Residents of Sakai are gifted with so many huge and beautiful parks. Oizumi Ryokuchi Park is definitely one of my favorite.

The most interesting feature of this park is that it has 2 man-made lakes. The lakes’ sustainability has been so notable, that it has been studied by cities outside of Japan for possible replication. Fishing in these lakes would be a nice way to spend time in the park.

Oizumi Ryokuchi Park is a 95-hectare park, said to have more than 300,000 trees. There is so much space and leisure activities to serve most park goers’ interests. Be a bit careful though, as it is quite easy to get lost in this park. But don’t worry just head back to the main walking/ running path and you will find yourself right back on track. You can see people jogging, rollerblading, walking and biking around this track. For those doing their exercise routines, this highly forested park offer such great relief from the summer heat.

It not uncommon to see soccer matches, baseball games, and all of sorts of ball games, being played all at once in its sprawling main field. Barbecue party is also a favorite activity. This park is so popular with its residents, but it still boasts so much space, that anyone can still choose a secluded area to enjoy a private barbecue party

My family loved this park for two main reasons. Primarily, there are so many things for children to enjoy in this place. The kids’ playground had one of the most complex jungle gyms and kiddies slides, I have seen in Japan’s public parks. Such great treat for the little ones and even for their parents. Also, it has a mini sheep-themed flower garden, which also houses 3 charming sheep, Daichi, Izumi and Midori. They are main stays of the park. A visit would not be complete without my children looking at them first. The main entrance also has a fountain where children can play in and around it, and have some water fun.

Secondly, flowers everywhere, even during the hot months. Come spring.... time for the lovely cherry blossoms. Definitely, the most beautiful display I have seen in the city. Plus the fact, that because the park being a hidden gem. One would get to really enjoy the cherry blossoms, seeing more of it than park goers. If your idea of viewing cherry blossoms, is admiring its quiet beauty, as opposed to viewing it with drunk and noisy crowd, then Oizumi Ryokuchi Park should not be missed.

Oizumi Park is a 10-minute walk from the Shinkanaoka Station along the subway Midosuji Line.

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