Marketplace fun! The supermarket items all have barcodes that properly scan! (Photo: Kim B)

Kids Plaza Osaka

A museum where children can learn through play

Marketplace fun! The supermarket items all have barcodes that properly scan! (Photo: Kim B)
Kim   - 2 min read

Since becoming a parent, I've come to really appreciate places that cater to children but are still enjoyable to attend as an adult. Kids Plaza in Osaka is one of those spots that ticks both boxes. The venue is marketed as a place where children can learn through play, and I absolutely found this to be true when I visited with my daughter.

The premises is split over four floors - the welcome floor, creativity floor, adventure floor, and discovery floor - with each level having a host of different hands-on activities to engage with. A favorite for my daughter was the Kids Street section on the adventure floor, where children can connect with real-world tasks in a play setting. She was able to dress up like a Japan Post employee and deliver mail to the "businesses" along the street, pick out items to purchase in an area set up like a supermarket and literally scan the items herself (you even get a receipt from your pretend purchases!), and many more fun interactive tasks.

The discovery floor was another big winner - it's got plenty of exhibits that allow children to connect with scientific principles in a relaxed way. There are several staff on each floor who are there to help you out if you have any questions, too!

For a fun and family friendly day out that still manages to pack in an educational component, Kids Plaza Osaka is well worth a visit.

Getting there

Kids Plaza Osaka is located just a minute on foot from Ogimachi Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line, or three minutes on foot from Temma Station on the JR Loop Line.

Alternatively, if you drive to the venue there is parking available for 150 yen per half an hour. The parking lot accommodates just over 100 vehicles.


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