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Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka

One of the largest aquariums in the world

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Timed tickets are required for entry currently in order to limit the number of guests per hour.

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Kaiyukan Aquarium, located in Osaka City, is famed for being one of the largest aquariums in the world. You can see whale sharks, sea turtles, and many other sea creatures there. This place attracts over two million visitors a year is also an Osaka landmark and must-see for families visiting the city.

The Kaiyukan Aquarium opened in 1990 and it has a whopping eight floors. Go up to the top floor by lift and you can observe the amazing variety of fish as you go down one floor at a time. This is the most efficient way to enjoy the aquarium and sometimes you may observe the same kinds of fish on each floor in different habitats. There are some areas such as Panama Bay, Antarctica, and the Seto Inland Sea so that you can enjoy gazing at fish from environments around the world.

The whale shark is very popular in this aquarium and you can see it in the Pacific Ocean area from the 4th to 6th floors. The shark is a huge and powerful creature. It's a fun experience for all ages.

Also, you can view sea turtles in the Cook Strait area. The turtles swim gracefully in the water and it is a sight to see. There are also clownfish made famous in the animated movie "Finding Nemo". They are tiny and so cute.

For families visiting Osaka, this aquarium is a must-see. To round out your visit, pick up some merchandise at the souvenir shop and have a bite at the café. There are some irresistible stuffed animals at the souvenir shop.

Another attraction worth visiting is Tenpo Mountain Marketplace. You can make a day of it at the aquarium and the marketplace, an easy distance from Osaka Station.

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