The reception area (Photo: Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu)

Hotel Glad One in Minami Osaka [Closed]

Budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation

The reception area (Photo: Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu)
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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hotel Glad One in Minami Osaka may not be your ideal extravagant and lavish five-star hotel, but if your primary objective in traveling is to explore Osaka’s tourist destinations, its neighboring cities like Nara and Kyoto, and visit the popular Universal Studio Japan (USJ), which entails you to spend most of your time outdoors, then Hotel Glad One is already a haven of comfort. It is not just a nice and neat accommodation, but a budget-friendly one as well.

The four-storey hotel is a ten-minute walk from Suminoe Station via Exit No. 3. As soon as you get off, you will see Don Quixote on your left. Just walk straight past it. You will see Bowl Suminoe, then Saizeriya on the opposite side of the road to your right after a five-minute walk. Continue walking on the same road until you see Hotel Glad One on your left towards the end of the third block. It may not be strategically situated, yet we did not consider this an inconvenience at all since my husband and I love to walk around a lot as our means of exercise.

The hotel’s first floor is the laundry area and the parking lot. The reception area is on the second floor, and towards the opposite side of the entrance automatic sliding doors, is the elevator that leads guests all the way to the fourth floor, where our room was located.

They have an old fashioned lock system, unlike other newly established hotels that has an automatic lock when the guest leaves the room and use automated cards to open the doors. However, it did not really bother us at all since safety, convenience, comfort and privacy are on our top priorities and at Hotel Glad One, we were not deprived of these. Moreover, the best part of the hotel accommodation is their comfortable bed. The mattress is flat and feels so perfect on the contours of our backs that provided us with a sound and relaxing sleep for two nights.

Single rooms (from ¥7,000) are available, as well as Double (¥10,000), Twin (¥13,000), Quad (¥25,000) and even Japanese-style rooms (¥25,000).

Breakfast is included and ideal for those who are on a tight diet as they serve five different types of rolls of bread, coffee, tea and pure orange juice. The orange juice is superb! The dining area has a very romantic ambience with dimly lit artistically designed ceiling lights.

Staying at Hotel Glad One surely gave us the opportunity to spend more on souvenir items, themed photos and foods around Osaka and Nara and inside USJ since our accommodation did not cost us an arm and a leg. So we could enjoy the luxury of shopping more!

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