bamboo bowls in 3 different sizes. This product range is called 'nuts' (Photo: Wicker Paradise / CC BY 2.0)

Teori Company in Kurashiki

Eco-friendly bamboo interior products

bamboo bowls in 3 different sizes. This product range is called 'nuts' (Photo: Wicker Paradise / CC BY 2.0)
Judith Mikami   - 2 min read

Teori Company is located in the hills of Mabi Town, Kurashiki City. Traditionally it made furniture from bamboo and other locally sourced materials. You can find Teori’s furniture in local schools as well as some of Japan’s eco-friendly restaurants. In recent years it has also been developing a range of tableware and other interior design products in collaboration with the local university and local designers.

In 2009 Teori decided to take their products to the international market and exhibit in Paris. At the winter Maison & Objet they introduced this new range of products to buyers from all over Europe. It seems that this small company has produced a hit. Everything is eco-friendly, from the obvious bamboo to the natural paint and lacquer. The catalogues that promote the range are also made from recycled bamboo paper. Bamboo has become one of the hottest sustainable materials that environmentally minded designers are promoting as a true alternative to timber.

Teori’s design is simple, colorful and functional. The tableware can fit any interior design aesthetic. Made to last a lifetime, it is a true investment for any house and helping the earth at the same time.

The reason why this small company is unique is not just their beautifully pure aesthetically designed products but its continuing the town’s century long tradition of growing and cutting bamboo. Teori thus helps the rural economy but, knowing that the world is forever changing, is trying hard to strike a balance between the old values of craftsmanship and meeting the needs of a green world.

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