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All you can eat watermelon? It exists, at the Yairo Watermelon Festival
All you can eat watermelon? It exists, at the Yairo Watermelon Festival (Photo: Kim B)

Yairo Watermelon Festival

All you can eat watermelon for 500 yen

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Japan Agriculture Minami Uonuma Branch When : Late Jul - Mid Aug 2024

Japanese watermelons are known for being deliciously sweet and juicy, but also quite expensive. There's a way to minimize the expense and maximize your watermelon enjoyment, and that's by heading to the Yairo Watermelon Festival.

The festival runs from late July to mid-August at the Japan Agriculture Minami Uonuma Branch, and for the bargain price of only 500 yen (or 300 yen for elementary aged children and below), you're able to indulge in as much watermelon as your stomach can handle. The Yairo Watermelon variety available at the event is said to be even sweeter and juicier than their other counterparts on the market, making them a perfect and refreshing dessert at this time of year. There is an undercover tatami mat area at the event, so you can enjoy your fill of watermelon out of the sun's glare.

As well as the all-you-can-eat watermelon, there are also watermelons of various sizes that you can purchase to take away with you. They are substantially discounted compared to usual market prices, so be sure to stock up!

Getting there

The Japan Agriculture Minami Uonuma branch location is located in Urasa, about 20 minutes on foot from Urasa Station itself.


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