Uji Matcha Mochi Texture Roll Cake (Photo: Lawson)

Premium Roll Cakes

Lawson-style tea time

Uji Matcha Mochi Texture Roll Cake (Photo: Lawson)
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Since starting its business in 1975, Lawson has been developing in response to changes in people's tastes. Now it's one of the top convenience store chains in Japan. Their original premium roll cakes are some of their most popular sweets. They have even won awards at the Monde Selection. As they're that good, it would be almost criminal if you visit Japan and not try one of their cakes.

Premium Roll Cake (Regular)

This is a classic premium roll cake. The cream in the cake has an incredible milky aroma and flavor. The sponge cake is made with wheat produced in Hokkaido and has a sweet, mellow flavor and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. It contains 222 kcal. 150 yen. You can even have one with a cut strawberry on top for the same price on the 22nd day of every month.

Premium Chocolate Roll Cake (Regular)

This chocolate cake is made using Barry Callebaut chocolate that has an understated sweetness. The moist sponge cake is also made with wheat from the north region. 302 kcal. 165 yen.

Premium Bran Roll Cake (Regular)

The sponge ring is made with wheat bran, whose texture complements the smooth cream center, with only 7.6g of sugar and 214 kcal. 180 yen. Not available in Tohoku or Okinawa.

Premium Blueberry Cheese Roll Cake (New)

The sponge cake is flavored with blueberries. Kiri cream cheese and Hokkaido-made cream are mixed and whipped in its center. Blueberry sauce is in the whipped cream. Fresh blueberries accentuate the flavors and sharpen the taste. 223 kcal. 195 yen.

Uji Matcha Mochi Texture Roll Cake (New)

A springy sponge cake with a texture like that of mochi (sticky rice cake) wrapped with whipped ogura (sweet azuki bean paste) cream. The slight bitterness of the cake and the sweetness of the cream combine to enhance the deliciousness of this treat. There are six slices in the package with a total of 577 kcal. Maybe you want to eat a couple of them instead of bread for breakfast. Not sold in Okinawa.

The roll cakes were recently renewed to make them even better. The smooth, rich flavor of the cream goes very well with the light, springy texture of the cakes. They're soft, so you can even eat them with a spoon. Keep them in the fridge. Take them out and put them in the freezer a little just before eating them. They will taste even better chilled. You can have a good coffee or tea break if you choose one of the cakes for a snack. You may even want to try them all!

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