Harunire Terrace. (Photo: Hannah Warren)

Harunire Terrace

Plenty to eat at Haruniré Terrace in Hoshino

Harunire Terrace. (Photo: Hannah Warren)
Hannah Warren   - 3 min read

Haruniré Terrace, in the Hoshino Resort area, is a sweet little boardwalk type area surrounded by the spring cedar trees that are its namesake.

There are some lovely shops for toys, homewares and souvenirs, but this big appeal is the many gorgeous restaurants and cafes that cover the majority of the terrace.

Whether you’re craving some local soba or a coffee and cake, there’s something here for everyone, so stop by anytime.

Il Sogno is an Italian restaurant with hearty servings of pizza and pasta, as well as meat, fish and vegetable meals. There are also antipasto options, or you can opt for a lunch or dinner course. When you’ve finished your delicious meal, treat yourself to a tiramisu before you toddle off home.

Of course, if you prefer French food, you could check out Cercle, a restaurant and wine bar with a resident sommelier. They offer generous lunch and dinner sets, as well as an a la carte menu, all of which can be paired with the perfect wine from their wide selection.

If you wanted to come back to Asia, stop in at Kisurin, serving Chinese homestyle cuisine. They have all the standard Chinese food offerings, but done with the flair of locally sourced ingredients.

And of course there is Japanese food too; Kawakami-an does Shinshu (the old word for Nagano) specialty foods such as soba, original saltwater tofu and sake. Try their excellent soba (a Shinshu specialty) with the locally brewed beer and sake.

Sawamura is an absolutely divine bakery and café that’s best at lunch when you can gorge yourself on the stunning freshly made bread that just keeps coming, but does a pretty classy dinner service too. It absolutely heaves on the weekends, so if you can’t get a seat, grab some bread to take away and have a picnic nearby.

For a perfect coffee to finish off your meal, try the local experts, Maruyama Coffee Café and Books. They keep it simple with just coffee and cake, but also have books for you to peruse and buy. They also do a roaring trade on weekend mornings with their many seats outside in the sun.

Haruniré Terrace has plenty of options for foodies and coffee junkies, and plenty of other things to do in the area, so whether you are staying in Hoshino Resort, or a little further away, it’s definitely worth a trip over to get your fix.

Hannah Warren

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