Seasonal fruit and vegetables are another main part of the market, exploding with color and freshness (Photo: Laura Welch)

Sendai Asaichi Market

Sendai's Kitchen - a small market with a lot to offer

Laura Welch   - 1 min read

The modern landscape of Sendai was greatly shaped by World War 2. After the fire-bombing, businesses organically grew where they were needed, like Iroha Yokocho or Asaichi Market. Originally just a group of sellers, it became a more organized market in 1948. Originally known as Aozora Market (Open-air Market), everyone called it Asaichi so they changed the name. Despite it being called Asaichi (Morning) Market, the market is open from morning until the late afternoon.

Now there are 71 shops and stalls along the narrow alley, only a few minutes' walk from Sendai Station's west exits. It's also acquired another nickname – Sendai no Daidokoro, which means Sendai's Kitchen. Many local restaurants, such as Oretachi no Tabehoudai Shabusen, source their ingredients here, and it's no wonder. There's a huge variety of produce for quite a small market and the prices are very reasonable.

Laura Welch

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