The koi pond with a reflection of the pagoda (Photo: Radica Sooknarine)

Johgi Nyorai Saihoji Temple

A place of timeless beauty in winter or early spring

Radica Sooknarine   - 1 min read

One of the fantastic things about Japan is that no matter whether you've been to a place before, you absolutely need to re-visit it at least once during each season. The change in season brings with it a fresh new perspective and many different ways of seeing any one location.

I first visited the Jyogi Nyorai Temple during winter when the trees were bare and the ground covered with a white blanket of snow. It left an indelible impression in my mind and I decided to return at the onset of spring. The snow was gone, and the trees and flowers were slowly coming to life.

Radica Sooknarine

Radica Sooknarine @radica.sooknarine

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