Rock climbing is a bit more challenging, but you can rest part of the way up (Photo: Justin Velgus)

Indoor Rockclimbing in Sendai

Make friends, get a workout, and conquer your fears

Rock climbing is a bit more challenging, but you can rest part of the way up (Photo: Justin Velgus)
Ashley Cox   - 2 min read

Right in the middle of downtown Sendai, on Jozenji Dori, is B’Nuts Indoor Climbing Shop. If you have never tried bouldering or rock climbing, B’Nuts is a great place to try out. The difference between bouldering and rock climbing is that bouldering is free climbing (without ropes). Bouldering is the easier of the two if you are a beginner. You should bring a change of clothes that allows you to move freely and also a pair of thin socks (the shoes fit better with thinner socks).

The man who runs the shop is a bit of a handful, but before you start, he gives you an easy to follow explanation of all the things that you should be cautious of and also gives some tips to follow for a fun and successful time climbing. After he explains everything, he sends you up the practice wall to make sure you understand all the rules. Once you are well versed in the rules of bouldering, you are free to try whichever route you want. Ask the other climbers and they are more than happy to help you out.

There are different difficulty levels so you can choose whichever levels suits your skills. The easiest routes are those marked with a solid color. The walls themselves also range in difficulty. The easiest ones are vertical, while the most difficult ones have horizontal overhangs that you must hang onto (while looking as much like Spiderman as possible, of course). The floor is completely matted and you can buy chalk for your hands, so safety is prioritized. The bouldering area is narrow, so your main concern should be for falling climbers!

The price for a visitor's one day pass is 1620 yen and the rental shoes are 200 yen, but you are free to bring some snacks and drinks, so it is easy to spend several hours there. They also offer memberships so if you are already an experienced climber or if you decide you would like to come again, you can become a member and save money. B'Nuts Indoor Climbing is a great place to spend an afternoon doing something fun and challenging!

Ashley Cox

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