The luxurious Japanese style room (Photo: Anna van Dyk)

Hotel Metropolitan Sendai

The epitome of luxury in the city of Sendai

The luxurious Japanese style room (Photo: Anna van Dyk)
Anna van Dyk   - 3 min read

The Sendai Metropolitan Hotel is one of the city’s top premium hotels. A single step into the establishment’s magnificent lobby is all one needs to realise this. An enchanting art installation cascades from the ceiling, mirroring a flight of butterflies. Ornate vases filled with flowers line the room. Immense pillars soar up towards the roof, whilst cool leather seats offer a resting place for weary travellers. This is total luxury. This is true comfort. This is pure class, Hotel Metropolitan style.

The grace of the hotel's welcome area extends to all parts of the hotel, including its fine rooms. There are a number of sleeping options to choose from, ranging from standard single rooms to royal suites, meaning that no matter your budget, the hotel has the perfect room for you. If you really want to treat yourself, however, there are three Japanese style rooms to indulge in. These rooms have been decorated with the highest level of taste and care. With their beautiful traditional furniture, deep set baths and private tranquil gardens, these rooms promise an incredible hospitality experience.

If you are searching for something a little less extravagant, the standard rooms are by no means a downgrade. These rooms come equipped with spacious, comfortable beds, clean, well-lit bathrooms and beautiful views of the vibrant city of Sendai. You will also find a flat screen TV, complimentary slippers, loungewear, toiletries and shoe shining facilities. I write, this in fact, from my room’s large desk whilst enjoying a cup of green tea – another wonderful amenity you will find in one of the sleek mahogany cupboards. The Metropolitan Hotel seems to have thought of every possible need their guests may have, and gone through great efforts in order to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

If you can ever tear yourself away from your wonderful room, the hotel has many fantastic options to occupy yourself with during your stay. Treat yourself to some relaxing beauty therapy at the nearby spa. Dine at one the hotel’s three restaurants, or grab a cocktail at its fabulous bar. If you are after something lighter, the chic café adjoining the lobby has an incredibly popular high tea option to check out. Once you have had your fill, you could hit the shops in the next-door S PAL mall, or explore the buzzing streets of Sendai.

The best part about this hotel, however, is that all this luxury could be yours within minutes of your arrival in Sendai. Located just a stone's throw from the city’s train station, why bother booking in anywhere else when such comfort is made so convenient?

If you are after exceptional service, beautiful interiors, delectable food and the most restful night’s sleep whilst visiting Sendai, the Hotel Metropolitan is, without a doubt, the place for you.

Anna van Dyk

Anna van Dyk @anna.van.dyk

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