Jozenji Dori (Photo: Elena Lisina)

A Green Walk Through Sendai

Exploring the western district of the city

Elena Lisina   - 1 min read

Sendai is often referred to as the “Green City”, and you can see why it lives up to that name when walking through the city streets.

My “green walk” started at the beginning of the alley of Jozenji Dori. It was a nice stroll through tall trees, with some modern sculptures along the way. Right across the road at the end of Jozenji Dori, you'll find the entrance to Higashi Park. The park is spacious, with lots of trees, benches and playgrounds. I bet it’s very popular on weekends and when the weather is fine, but on a gloomy day in October I walked there alone enjoying the fresh air and the greenery.

After crossing the bridge over the Hirose River, you can turn right and walk along the Tohoku University Park, with beautiful chestnut trees leading up to the Sendai International Center Subway Station. Alternatively, you can turn left and walk to the Sendai City Museum and Aoba Park. It’s such a nice stroll through nature within the city!

Getting there

Jozenji Dori can be reached in 10 minutes on foot from Sendai Station.

Elena Lisina

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