Suggestion menu (Photo: Narisa Chaiyasoot)

Sweets and Green Tea at Yojiya Cafe

A café with a cosmetics brand name at Ginkakuji

Suggestion menu (Photo: Narisa Chaiyasoot)
Suwannee Payne   - 3 min read

While many people associate Yojiya with a Japanese cosmetics brand, but little do they know, this Kyoto business also has a chain of cute and chic cafés. There are 4 cafés all together, 3 in Kyoto and one in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The café I would recommend is the original that sits not far from Ginkakuji Temple in Kyoto. What attracts people to wait in line for hours is the real Japanese atmosphere of the café, including tatami mat floors with cushions and sliding doors. The centerpiece is a glass wall, allowing guests to be seated facing a Japanese garden with Honen-in temple as a backdrop.

To sit down and enjoy a cup of hot green tea with some elaborate sweets that have a unique appearance and taste; add to that a serene view of a Japanese Garden with someone you love, it’s something that everyone would wish to do.

To get here from Ginkaku-ji Temple, follow the Philosophers’ Path until you get to Honen-in Temple on the left. Then just walk a bit further and you will spot Yojiya’s logo sign, a unique picture of a round face Japanese woman at the entrance of the Café, and you will come to a 2 story Japanese house that the café is in.

When it gets to your turn, the Café staff will invite you into the waiting room. You get to look at the menu and order before you go into The Café room. I would recommend ‘Matcha Cappuccino’, a tasty cup of green tea that is decorated with latte art, the Yojiya logo, and then choose any sweet in the menu. There are special seasonal menus as well.

Of course Yojiya is a cosmetics brand as well. So right across from the Café you will see a shop that sells Yojiya cosmetics. You might want to look around and do some shopping while you’re waiting, or in front of the café itself there are some snacks and some small souvenirs for sale.

If you happen to be in this area, don’t forget to visit Yojiya Café. Take a break and enjoy some sweets and a real Japanese atmosphere. You can't help but to fall in love with it and let everyone know of your new discovery.

Suwannee Payne

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