Views from the top of Daimonji-yama (Photo: Victoria Kamila)

Spring at Daimonji-yama

Spring sunsets and hues of green at Daimonji-yama

Victoria Kamila   - 1 min read

The climb to the viewing point at Daimonji-yama takes about 40 minutes starting from Ginkaku-ji, although you can continue deeper into the mountain if a longer journey is what you seek. This is a relatively easy hike, as you’ll notice many elderly Japanese locals effortlessly make their way up the hill, some on a full-blown run who’ll still find enough breath to greet you with a “Konnichiwa” as they run by. Although Daimon-ji is popular in August during the Daimonji Gozan-Okuribu Fire Festival, the sights and cycles of nature are just as stunning in April/May, and all the more enlightening to view the city from as the seasons change from Winter to a livelier, awakened Spring.

Victoria Kamila

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