Ryozen Gokoku shrine offeres incredible views over the city of Kyoto (Photo: John Carter)

Ryozen Gokoku Higashiyama

Resting place for Bakumatsu Era Samurai

John Carter   - 1 min read

With Kyoto being a hub for historical sights, beating the tourist traps can be difficult but located around the city are spots that are much less crowded but equally as interesting to visit. One such place is Ryozen Gokoku, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the heroes of Japan that helped shape it’s future. Located about a 15 to 20 minute walk from Higashiyama-sou Ryokan, the shrine lies at the foot of the mountains surrounding the east of the city. Upon a ¥200 entrance fee you can pay homage to prominent figures from the Bakumatsu period such as Sakamoto Ryōma as well as enjoying the incredible views over the city.

John Carter

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