Traditional Kyoto style restaurants can be found along this alleyway. (Photo: Hoyee Tse)

Pontocho after Dark

The mysteries of the floating world

Hoyee Tse   - 1 min read

Whether it is the clacking of a geisha’s geta, or the pitter patter of raindrops in May, the sounds and sights of this a cobbled stone walkway are sure to enchant you. Located by the riverbank of the Kamogawa and moments away from Gion; this laneway awakens each evening with the first visits from Geisha houses nearby. Filled with hole in the wall izakayas, bistros and high class eateries with water views, this magical place is perfect to have your first meal in Kyoto. There are also several bars and jazz clubs, and even late in the evening, the place is abuzz with activity.

Hoyee Tse

Hoyee Tse @hoyee.tse

Art, architecture, comics and fashion, every aspect of culture is fascinating. To me, the interplay between innovation and tradition is the greatest attraction of Japan.