The cafe has enough room space for a few tables and an events area (Photo: Erika Arceo)

Kamogawa Café

Quality brewed coffee and cozy ambiance

The cafe has enough room space for a few tables and an events area (Photo: Erika Arceo)
Erika Arceo   - 3 min read

Over the last decade or so, Kyoto has thrived well with its coffee culture scene – coffee with a brew. In addition, of course, to Kyoto being famous as a cultural hub – a city of temples and tea.

One thing I noticed during my trip to Kyoto are the coffee shops that are almost side by side, standing next to each other without necessarily really having to compete. That is because café owners have learned to bring a strong sense of originality with them. Each café is unique in its own way. And that is one of the reasons for the flourishing of the coffee scene in Kyoto - apart from people’s addictive need for caffeine.

Being an art lover, I originally planned on going to one of the galleries and bookshops in Kyoto. I got there and unfortunately it was closed. I went further into the establishment and I found that building is divided into three shops. One is the gallery and bookshop, and further into the first floor is a décor and furniture shop, and then up on the second floor is a café.

I entered a wooden door with a glass pane. As I took a few flights of steps up, I saw shelves filled with books, posters pasted on the wall, music collections and a player. Perhaps it was a great time for the gallery to be closed because I chanced upon this rustic coffee shop called Kamogawa Café.

Kamogawa Café is famous for its quality brewed coffee; all roasting and grinding is personally done by the owner. The café also offers a selection of affordable desserts, lunch, and dinner meals.

A former storage space, Kamogawa Café or Kamo Café, is part jazz bar and part café & restaurant. The cafe gives off a sense of comfort with its shabby books, warm wooden interior, and large-leafed plants. It has a cozy ambiance where one can enjoy the owner’s pick of music quietly humming in the background. The playful lighting of the checkered window panes – colored and frosted – naturally lights up the entire space. Further into the café, there is a lofty room for music events big enough to accommodate just a few people.

With no flashy signs but their duck logo, you will find Kamogawa Café in the middle of a neighborhood off of Kawaramachi Street.

Erika Arceo

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