Two maiko-san (real or otherwise) stroll along the street (Photo: Cathy Cawood)

Exploring Gion

So much to see and enjoy!

Cathy Cawood   - 1 min read

If you walk around Gion area you will see many sights to interest and charm you. Probably everyone hopes to see a geisha, and perhaps you will, although she may not be genuine - she may be a dressed up tourist! Mysterious and elegant restaurants are plentiful, and rickshaws are a common sight. Don't miss Gion's cute old post office and or Minami Shirakawa Dori, or the small shrine opposite Minamiza theater. However I don't recommend the okonomiyaki at the interesting looking restaurant next to the shrine. Look around, but eat somewhere else!

Cathy Cawood

Cathy Cawood @cathy.cawood

 I came to Japan in 2003 to teach English. I lived in Shiga prefecture for 1 year, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I lived in Kyoto for 9 years, then moved to Machida, Tokyo in 2014 after meeting my Japanese partner. I love to take photos, and my Japan in Pictures Facebook page ha...