The interior of the cafe has a chic, minimalist vibe (Public Domain)

Common Well Cafe

A newly-opened, Melbourne-style cafe experience

The interior of the cafe has a chic, minimalist vibe (Public Domain)
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The city of Melbourne in Australia is renowned for having an incredible café culture, and a newly-opened business in Kyoto aims to emulate the atmosphere and style you'd find in coffee shops Down Under. Common Well is located just a three-minute walk from the Nishiki Market area, and their business model focuses on high-quality coffee and fresh, tasty meal options. Best of all, they open bright and early at 7 am each day.

The ever-important coffee menu contains all the Aussie classics ⁠— long blacks, short blacks, flat whites, and even what's referred to as the "magic", which is a double ristretto filled with an equal measure of steamed and frothed milk. There are also coffee and chocolate smoothies, chai lattes, and craft cola to name just a handful.

As for the food on offer, there are separate menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A big part of the lunch and dinner menu focuses on their burgers, which are made from 100% Japanese beef. Options include the likes of the always-popular classic cheeseburger to the deluxe gorgonzola and apple burger, and there is even a vegan burger on the menu.

If you're planning to stop by, do note that they do have breaks in between their service periods:

Morning Hours: 7: 00 am until 9: 30 am

Café Time: 11: 00 am until 5: 00 pm

Dinner Time: 5: 00 pm until 10: 00 pm (Last orders taken at 9: 30pm)

Getting there

Common Well is located on the first floor of the newly-opened Hotel Rings Kyoto. It's around three minutes on foot from the famous Nishiki Market area, or around four minutes on foot from Karasuma Station which is served by the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line.

As there is no on-site parking available, patrons are advised to use public transport wherever possible.

Please follow along on their Instagram at @commonwell_kyoto for more updates.


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