Photo: Julian Kloby

Solso Farm

A hidden garden escape

Photo: Julian Kloby
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Kanagawa prefecture is where you will find Solso Farm, a large and spacious nursery that upon further inspection has so much more to offer than just plants. Upon entering you will no doubt be surprised by all the little things you can find here. It is truly a luscious getaway hidden among the urban area surrounding it.

While it is true that Solso Farm specializes in selling all things related to gardening, it also serves as a quiet getaway to those who know about it. Their site features a map layout of the store, but I’ll cover them quickly for you. Inside you can find a small cafe and kitchen that serves fresh food and drinks created from seasonal ingredients. There is a library where you can relax and read a book while being surrounded by nature. If you have kids, bring them by and let them enjoy the play area that consists of different things that are sure to keep them entertained. There is even something for your little fur balls in this little garden oasis, a dog run area where they can get some exercise and attention. As you can see, there is a unique appeal to this nature getaway that is hidden among the cities.

One of Solso Farm's most popular features is its consultation service. With proper scheduling, Solso Farm can schedule a look at your own garden space, offering advice as to the best plants to grow and how to care for them. Of course, this experience will vary depending on the goals for your garden and location. Interviews can happen in person or via Zoom.

Their website also features a link to their online store where you can find information on seasonal plants and products. However, much of the online store functions as your one stop shop for all your gardening needs. If you find that you don't have the time to stop by the store, why not check out what the store has on sale? Shipping is domestic to Japan and times for shipping vary depending on product choice.

Currently, Solso Farm is preparing for a rush of customers sure to stop by this spring. For this reason, the shop is currently closed, an official date of reopening is to be announced.

During normal operation you will find Solso Farm open on weekends and holidays. Along with this preparation comes some new renovations to the shop which will be sure to offer returning customers a new wave of experience.

Solso Farm prides themselves on being a huge green thumb. If you too are all about caring for our Earth or are just interested in all the beauty nature has to deliver, Solso Farm is for you. Enjoy a quiet weekend afternoon in a place sure to rejuvenate the soul.

Getting there

If taking the Toyoko Line / Nambu Line Get off at Musashi-Kosugi Station Musashi-Kosugi Station. Then from JR North Exit Bus Stop take No. 3 Bus bound for Nogawadai Park (about 25 minutes). Get off at Nogawadai Bus Stop and walk 5 for minutes.

If driving your own vehicle, be aware that there is limited parking. Approx. 45 spaces available.

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