Arriving just in time to catch the fading sun (Photo: Steve Morton)

Late Evening in Minato Mirai

Witnessing Yokohama during and after sunset

Steve Morton   - 1 min read

Needing little introduction to the center stage is Yokohama’s ever bustling port district of Minato Mirai. Famous for its neon lights, scenic views and constantly evolving range of attractions, Minato Mirai continues to draw ever more visitors each year from every corner of the earth.

Originally starting out life as an industrial port, this area was magically transformed into a leisure and recreation complex during the 1980’s. Boasting the ever impressive Yokohama Landmark Tower, Minato Mirai really comes to life after dusk where you can experience some postcard perfect views of the orange lit skies casting a deep shadow over this already impressive landscape.

These magical views can best be seen when exiting JR’s Sakuragicho Station and walking along Kishimichi Promenade up to the World Porters Shopping Centre. As you go along this route you will follow a defunct train track which passes over a former rail bridge offering some excellent views of the harbor from either side

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