All Warrior Dash participants will receive a furry viking helmet, t-shirt and shiny finisher medal (Photo: Jessica A Paje)

2013 Warrior Dash Comes to Japan!

A 5k obstacle run that’ll test your endurance in style

All Warrior Dash participants will receive a furry viking helmet, t-shirt and shiny finisher medal (Photo: Jessica A Paje)
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The world's largest obstacle running series has arrived in Japan: Warrior Dash! With its debut weekend at Sagamiko completed and its next run scheduled for July 27-28, 2013 in Chiba, the Warrior Dash is a great new addition for thrill seekers. This funky 5k run while in costume allows you the freedom to grunt like a Viking while dashing through challenging hills only to discover 15 different obstacles sure to test your super powers. Whether you want to run solo or round up your friends, just register online, and then dust off your cape. But be ready to experience a grueling yet entertaining 5k run in Japan!


See the fuzzy Viking hat? If that giveaway isn’t cool enough, wait until you see the finisher medal, the free beer and the live music on stage along with donning the Warrior Dash t-shirt. In the festival area, check out the clever costumes other runners daringly wear for their chance to win awards such as Most Unique or Best-dressed team. Whatever you decide on parading around in, keep in mind the adventure consists of crawling and climbing. Keep it entertaining yet safe.

At the start line, a Warrior Dash host will pump up the crowd while teaching the warrior chant. On the start line, it's as if a fire-breathing dragon is giving you the go. There are three routes you can choose from with an opportunity to change the route along the way. Have confidence in yourself and start with the more challenging route: Black Diamond. Once you encounter an obstacle with a wall that’s too high or a cat walk that’s too narrow, then opt for the less challenging course, Emerald, which is set up directly on the opposite side. If you decide you just can’t endure either of the two, then simply choose the Walk Around. Although your bib is chipped for timing, it’s a MyPace event so you’re only really competing against yourself; Get to the finish line injury-free so you can enjoy the festivities!

The nitty-gritty

1) Plan your commute time accordingly. Be sure to arrive at least one hour ahead of schedule to comfortably get situated. 2) If you’re going to use the Bag Check service, be sure to properly label, secure and place your belongings in the appropriate labeled section. It’s a grab-n-go system, so you want to be able to easily identify your needle in a haystack. 3) You’re going to get dirty, so bring a towel, change of clothes and dry footwear. Japanese style bathing is available in tents, but soap is prohibited.

Rain or shine, be ready to dash on your scheduled time slot and have fun! At one point during the run, you’ll probably ask yourself “What in the world did I get myself into?” But at the finish you’ll be wearing your medal proudly with your head up high and another check mark off your Japan Bucket List. Grunt, grunt…Warriors unite!

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