Takamatsu Castle ruins and Tamamo Park (Photo: Lily Taki)

Tamamo Park in Kagawa

A part of Takamatsu Castle National Historic Site

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Takamatsu Castle Ruins and Tamamo Park is located in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture and has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. Takamatsu Castle is also sometimes known by the name of Tamamo Castle since the surrounding sea of this area was once called Tamamo Bay.

The castle was built way back in 1590 with both the Ikoma and Matsudaira families serving as the castle's owners throughout its very long history. There are also quite a lot of pine trees that have been planted over the years in the garden, offering a real feeling of a traditional Japanese garden full of history. Since Takamatsu Castle was once a proper castle, the gate and yagura tower structures really add to the splendid appeal of the location.

Within the grounds of the garden can be found a building known as Hiunkaku where successive feudal lords lived their daily lives during the Edo Period. The building was originally built as a second home or villa for the Matsudaira family but it happened to fulfil a role as a guest house as well. The current Hiunkaku was rebuilt in 1917.

There is a large moat around the garden where you can try riding a traditional wooden Japanese boat. The view from the boat really is quite tasteful, elegant and easily enjoyable. A visit to the gardens here is definitely recommended on any tourist trip to Takamatsu City.

Aside from the castle and garden, Takamatsu City also offers the chance to visit the beautiful Ritsurin Garden and the fantastic Marukame Castle. Takamatsu Port is also a staging point for visiting local islands like Shodo Island which is famous for its olives.

Getting there

The castle and garden grounds are a short 5-minute walk from JR Takamatsu Station or direct access from Takamatsu-chikko Station on the Kotohira Line.


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