From Yakuri Temple you can look over the city (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara)

Shikoku Temple #85: Yakuriji

Sanuki udon and the 85th temple of Shikoku's pilgrimage

Illaura Rossiter   - 1 min read

The 85th of the 88 temples on the famous pilgrimage around Shikoku is called Yakuri Temple. On on the side of Goken Mountain, it can be reached on foot or by cable car.

From national highway number 192, if you turn towards the cable car station and start climbing the mountain, you'll find a famous Udon noodle restaurant called Yamada Shitsu. Their "Sanuki Udon" is known throughout Kagawa prefecture, and a great number of people from other prefectures go out of their way to visit enjoy it. If you're near the sacred grounds in Kagawa prefecture, this is a fun place to visit.

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