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Nosaku Kanazawa

Lacquerware with history in Ishikawa's capital city

Kim   - 1 min read

Ishikawa Prefecture’s capital of Kanazawa has a long history of artisanship. You’ll find everything in the city from products covered in gold leaf to locally made Kutani porcelain and much more. One of the most iconic regional handicrafts is lacquerware, and if you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your travels in the region, Nosaku is a place to stop into.

The history of the store dates back to 1780, and when you head inside you'll see a range of lacquerware products available for sale. There's everything from kitchen goods to ornate brooches, through to bento boxes and even smartphone covers to purchase. Many pieces are designed in the style of maki-e, a process of painting the surface of lacquerware with gold, silver, and mother-of-pearl finishes.

Getting there

The Nosaku store is located approximately 15 minutes via taxi or 30 minutes on foot from Kanazawa Station.

If you’re visiting the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, the store is only a couple of minutes on foot from there.


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