Hot spring pool overlooking the ocean (Photo: Alena Eckelmann)

Hotel Notoraku

Onsen pool with ocean view and great seafood meals

Hot spring pool overlooking the ocean (Photo: Alena Eckelmann)
Alena Eckelmann   - 3 min read

Are you looking for a place to stay where you can spend a romantic weekend with your partner near Kanazawa City? Try Notoraku, a traditional Japanese inn located in Wakura Onsen!

A relaxing ambience, hot spring with ocean view and delicious seafood-based meals will give you a taste of the Noto Peninsula’s great hospitality.

The hotel entrance, front desk and lobby area are spacious and decorated in a mix of traditional Japanese-style and Southeast Asian-style. A mix in interior decoration is also seen in the guest rooms. For your convenience, some of the guest rooms have beds while the lounge area is tatami floor, Japanese-style. Some of the rooms have an excellent view over Nanao Bay.

The hotel pool is right outside the lobby; guests can relax inside in the lobby area or outside by the pool while sipping a cup of coffee or a beer. Gazing out over the bay area, one can see the Noto-jima Ohashi Bridge to the right and the Twin Bridge Noto to the left, and straight ahead the forested area of Noto Island, located in the middle of Nanao Bay.

The best viewpoint is a bench located at the end of a wooden walkway that is stretching out into the bay. Wear you yukata (cotton kimono) and go for a walk to catch a fresh ocean breeze.

Notoraku’s hot spring bath is located on an upper floor with a gorgeous view over the bay area. There is a large indoor pool but nothing beats a soak in the outdoor pools with the open view.

Wakura being a seaside resort, meals at Notoraku’s restaurants prominently feature seafood and fish. Meals are served at tables overlooking a Japanese garden.

Notoraku is with over one hundred rooms one of Wakura’s large accommodations, most of which are neatly lined up along the sea shore of Wakura. Notoraku is an up-marked accommodation but prices are still affordable. The price packages for the room and two meals range from ¥10,000 to ¥30,000.

The hotel shuttle bus will pick you up from Wakura Station and bring you back there when you are leaving. Maximum relaxation plus maximum convenience for your weekend stay in Wakura Onsen!

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