Inside a Kasama pottery store (Photo: Michael Papp)

Kasama Pottery

Traditional Japanese Pottery

Michael Papp   - 1 min read

The city of Kasama was founded in the Anei era, which spanned the years 1772 to 1781 of the Edo period. Kasama was founded when Kuno Hanemon built a climbing kiln with Choemon, another fellow potter from Shigaraki. The current population of Kasama is about 77,000 people and the city is renowned for its pottery, the Kasama-yaki, and its chestnuts.

Kasama-yaki is a special type of pottery that requires patience and attention to detail. It is made using different types of clay, kisetsu clay or gairome clay, together with granite bits. Because the mixture has a high iron content, when the pottery is fired it turns a pleasant brown color. Kasama pottery has been heavily influenced by the Shigaraki style of pottery. It is usually classified as folk craft-ware as historically it was used by the people of Kasama for everyday use such as bowls, jars, candle stands and tea cups.

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