The great burger! (Photo: pema yangchen)

Seize the Day

A peaceful restaurant in the heart of Awaji-shima

The great burger! (Photo: pema yangchen)
Pema Yangchen   - 2 min read

2018 just blew me away!!That’s what one of my friends said when we proceeded to the Bridge. There was a powerful Ocean Breeze near the coastline of the southern part of Awaji-shima on that day. But you shouldn’t be deterred by this rather cold or fresh welcome as it was only the threshold of a wonderful place that would warm your heart.

Indeed, the path you see in the pictures leads to this charming place, seemingly suspended in time and hidden away from tourists and therefore not so well-known.

The main attraction here would probably be the peaceful restaurant Awajishima Onion Kitchen, which is surrounded by a park where you can enjoy music. This setting makes this place a most romantic one, where I would definitely suggest you take your beloved one or for a date or spending some quality time together with your family!

But the sights don't stop here! From the restaurant or its terrace, if the weather allows it, you can see one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena that are the Naruto whirlpools, which are one of the largest in the world.

Now imagine yourself with your loved one(s) enjoying some delicious Awaji beef burger (and the famous Awaji onion rings too!), while watching the sunset over the whirlpools — this would definitely be a sight to remember!

So why not seize the moment and take your girlfriend or boyfriend there as we’re getting closer to Valentine’s Day? At the same time, you could use the wind as an excuse to hold them tight!

Pema Yangchen

Pema Yangchen @pema.yangchen