It's not so unlikely to meet animals during your hike here (Photo: Sandro Bernardinello)

Tokachidake and Fukiage Onsen

Great landscapes and a hidden onsen in the forest

It's not so unlikely to meet animals during your hike here (Photo: Sandro Bernardinello)
Sandro Bernardinello   - 2 min read

Furano is one the most popular destination in Hokkaido. Although mostly known for its flower fields and hilly landscapes, it's also a great base for one day trips in the nearby area. Several great spots in the Daisetsuzan National Park can be reached in less than one hour by car or bus. Tokachidake Mountain is one of the most interesting options and it’s also the nearest.

The area offers different hikes. The main trail starts at Ryounkaku Onsen and goes all the way up to the summit. The landscapes are simply marvelous. The vegetation slowly fades from a thick forest to smaller plants and bushes to finally disappear into just rough rocks. The various shades of green leave space to the countless hues of the volcanic stones creating an almost Martian landscape. The rocks’ hues range from dark black to shiny yellow and deep brown red.

After hiking there is nothing better than soak into an onsen. The area offers several options: Ryounkaku and Kamihoroso are standard onsen ryokan and both have good baths. However there is also a real hidden gem just a 15-minute walk from the trailhead. Fukiage Onsen is mostly unknown but it’s truly stunning. This natural hot spring is free and set in the middle of the forest. You may find yourself there alone, surrounded by a misty forest of high trees. This is one of the most regenerating and authentic Japanese experiences you can do. Dip in the hot water and feel your muscles relax. Enjoy being naked and alone in the wild, hearing the only noises of the streaming water and the wind blowing through the branches. You will go back to be just a simple living being immersed in the surrounding environment. The strong connection with nature and the amazing atmosphere are absolutely unforgettable.

Getting there

There are three buses a day that reach the trailhead in 45 minutes from Kamifurano (¥500 one way)

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