Temiya Railway site (Photo: Kylie Plester)

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival 2016

Otaru's annual Yuki Akari no Michi

Kylie Plester   - 2 min read

While Sapporo is busy in February with it's annual Yuki Matsuri, Otaru has it's own snow festival that is a romantic alternative to the sculptures in Sapporo. The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival is a festival spread across two main sites, Otaru Canal and the Former Temiya Railway Line both of which are within a 10-15 min walk from JR Otaru Station.

The Otaru Canal was themed "Wavering Lights on the Water" and features glass lanterns floating on the frozen surface of the canal. The sides of the canal are also lined with snow sculptures. The Temiya Railway Line was themed "Snow and Light in Silence" and featured snow sculptures and lots of beautiful wax lanterns spread along a length of the railway line. Other businesses and residents also decorate their buildings including an area of the Otaru International Information Centre that also featured snow slides that even the adults could have a go on. It is such a beautiful festival that everyone should take the chance to visit.

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