Lucky Pierrot Burger (Photo: Bryan...)

Lucky Pierrot Hamburger

Hakodate's best burger chain

Lucky Pierrot Burger (Photo: Bryan...)
Melissa Hill   - 4 min read

Hakodate has a charm about it that not a lot of Japanese cities can claim. A visitor to this friendly (and easily navigable) city, would be sad to miss a unique burger chain shop that can let them dine like the locals. Lucky Pierrot is a little-known Hakodate must-see!

Each restaurant has a unique theme that sets it apart from the other shops. I was lucky to visit Goryokaku's shop which was angel-themed. That's right – angels. They have menus in English and Japanese and pictures so it's easy to order anything that your heart desires.

Inside, helpful staff members were standing at a counter ready and waiting. I was instantaneously reminded of the 50's style diners back home in America. I ordered, and the waitstaff wrote down my order on a large piece of paper and I paid. They then took the order of my friend behind me and I was told to sit down and wait. After my friend ordered, she brought us a numbered plate. It turns out that the orders are organized by full party and they keep everything together even if paid for separately.

While we sat and waited for our food, we took the time to look at our interesting surroundings. Angels covered the walls. Famous paintings, cherubs, Christmas lawn decoration style, there wasn't an inch of the place that didn't boast a different variation of the winged creature. There was a particularly large golden angel with his arm outstretched, beckoning us, as if to ask us for a French fry.

Our food arrived piping hot, and we took a few photos before digging in. My friend ordered gravy fries that came in a white mug. We laughed about the food presentation, but after trying some, we were both delightfully surprised! I ate better food here than I've eaten at other Japanese chain restaurants like MOS Burger or Freshness Burger. My burger was also incredibly large which was surprising as it was so cheap. In addition to the normal burger chain style food, Lucky Pierrot also has ice cream, curry, and gravy fries. The only problem I seemed to have at Lucky Pierrot was that I was too full to try much else!

After we cleaned up our trays and brought them back to the small counter, we looked around. Most of the signs written in Japanese were also written in English so even a foreign traveler should have little issue understanding what to do. We went around 3pm and the place was buzzing with locals. It obviously is a popular spot for food in the area.

Lucky Pierrot boasts 14 outlets in the Hakodate area, all with a different theme. The first shop, which is located near the Hakodate Mountain Ropeway is the Merry-Go-Land Forest. According to their website, there are seats on chains which hang from the ceiling and can swing while you eat. The décor is circus themed, and the mascot clown, or Pierrot, in Japanese (I assume his name is Lucky) is featured prominently. If circuses or angels aren't your thing, perhaps the Elvis Presley or Audrey Hepburn branches are more up your alley. If you don't like them, Santa Claus or greenhouse themed shops are also located in the Hakodate area. But don't let Lucky's creepy appearance fool you – this clown makes a mighty fine burger!

Melissa Hill

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