Jolly Jelly Fish - a quirky bar and restaurant (Photo: Peter Lin)

Jolly Jelly Fish in Hakodate

Japanese-Western food near Mt. Hakodate Ropeway

Peter Lin   - 1 min read

Jolly Jelly Fish is a unique Japanese-Western restaurant near the Mt. Hakodate Ropeway in Hakodate with great atmosphere and delicious food. Open for lunch and dinner late into the night, the house specialty is sutepi, or steak and rice pilaf, a tasty dish consisting of a sauteed beef, pork or chicken steak accompanied by rice. Add-ons to the basic plate include a fried egg, cheese, tomato sauce or an egg. The steak is perfectly seasoned, tender and nicely portioned for a satisfying meal. Other items on the menu include pizza, hamburger steak plate, french fries, and pasta. Desserts include roll cake, chocolate or strawberry parfaits. Menu is in Japanese only, but the pictures should guide your decision. The decor is retro with a California surfer vibe, and the staff attentive and pleasant. Stop by for a unique steak meal in a quirky setting before viewing the sunset on Mt. Hakodate.

Peter Lin

Peter Lin @peter.lin

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