Hakodate shio ramen, simple yet delicious (Photo: Peter Lin)

Jiyouken Ramen in Hakodate

Simple is best - shio ramen excellence in Hokkaido

Peter Lin   - 1 min read

Jiyouken is Hakodate shio (salt) ramen at its simplest and finest. Located off a small, quiet street about 10 minutes' walk from the JR Hakodate train station, the atmosphere of the restaurant is authentic and straightforward. On a weekday at lunch, the wait was no longer than 10-15 minutes. Seating consists of a counter and a few tables, but the turnaround is fast. The simplicity of the shio ramen allows for the various ingredients to shine, including the taste of the clear salt broth, the firmness of the house-made noodles, and the flavor of the chashu (pork). The Japanese-only menu includes other items including various ramen types (shoyu, shio), excellent chahan (fried rice), soup noodles (tan men), cold noodles, curry rice plates and gyoza. Prices are affordable and value is excellent for this level of quality. The shop is closed on Tuesday, but open all other days for lunch and dinner.

Peter Lin

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