Amazing colors on our way up to the top of steaming Mt. Asahi (Photo: Nicole Bauer)

Climbing Mount Asahi, Daisetsuzan

Like being in a different world

Nicole Bauer   - 1 min read

Asahi-dake (Mount Asahi), which is located in Daisetsuzan National Park, is Hokkaido’s highest peak. Thanks to the ropeway it is quite easily accessible, via a very navigable, although sometimes slightly rocky trail leading up along the south rim of the mountain. Reaching the summit should take no more than two hours of steady climbing. Even in the event of cloud cover, it can still be worth the effort. Visibility can change quickly, so there is always the chance to get some unexpected, spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and volcanoes!

Nicole Bauer

Nicole Bauer @nicole.bauer

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