Cape Kirakotan views at the end of the trail (Photo: Chris Barnes)

Cape Kirakotan

Beautiful Wetland Views

Chris Barnes   - 1 min read

An early morning walk to Cape Kirakotan, located in the heart of the Shitsugen National Park in Kushiro, offers amazing views of Japan's largest marshland. The trail is quite easy being flat most of the way as it weaves through lush summer foliage to the sound of early morning bird songs. Along the trail you are likely to come across wild mint growing and seasonal flowers in full bloom. There are bears in the area so in the interest of safety, bear bells, bear repellant spray and a stick or two are advisable. The trail ends at Cape Kirakotan, a beautiful vista of capillary wetland rivers that weave their way through the Shitsugen National Park. The main entrance to the park is not marked on Google maps, therefore I suggest obtaining a map of the Shitsugen National Park, and following the directions to Cape Kirakotan.

Chris Barnes

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