The receptionists were always eager to help in any way. (Photo: Valerie Kor)

Asahikawa Grand

Luxurious hotel at a convenient location in Asahikawa

The receptionists were always eager to help in any way. (Photo: Valerie Kor)
Valerie Kor   - 4 min read

During my trip to Asahikawa, the second largest city in Hokkaido, I stayed at the Asahikawa Grand Hotel, a luxurious hotel centrally located near all the main sights in Asahikawa.

From Asahikawa Station, the hotel is easily found on foot, by walking down the main street, Midori-bashi, until you arrive at the 6th street intersection. Over the course of my stay, I was delighted to explore the area and I found the Heiwa shopping street was just one street away from the hotel. The famous Hachiya Ramen is a two minute walk from the restaurant and on Midori-bashi itself there are two more famous ramen outlets – Aoba and Santouka. Asahikawa was said to be the origin place of the Japanese variant of ramen that is so famous today, so I was overjoyed to know that Asahikawa Grand was within walking distance to a number of ramen establishments!

I stayed in a Grand Standard Room which was very functional and comfortable, with multiple power points available, as well as Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. I was also really fond of their Provencia series of toiletries. They had lovely scents which made me feel pampered every evening as I ran the bath.

Being one of the taller buildings in Asahikawa, staying on one of the higher floors at the Asahikawa Grand offers a fantastic view of the city. My hotel room was on the 12th floor, which meant I could wake up to a beautiful view every morning. One night, it snowed heavily and it was just magical (from the comfort of the hotel's warmth) to observe the snow flurries flying outside the window from such a height. The hotel also has two luxurious restaurants located on the 17th floor, the Champ D’or and Bar Edison’s which allow diners to enjoy amazing views of the city of Asahikawa over a meal or a few drinks.

Breakfast for guests is offered at the Adnis restaurant on the ground level, or the Japanese restaurant Shiki on the fifth floor. I chose the Adnis restaurant because it offers both Japanese and international food options. The large chandelier hanging over the restaurant added to the distinctively luxurious setting. I particularly loved the ikura (fish roe) – a dish not typically seen at breakfast buffets – and made my own little ikura don (fish roe on rice) complete with shredded seaweed condiments. It was a surprise for me to see Indian vegetarian curry. The chef on duty also makes fresh, piping hot omelette by request. Needless to say, there is a wide selection of options available at the breakfast buffet which should suit any hotel guest no matter what their preferred cuisine. The hotel makes a conscious effort to source local and regional ingredients to improve their restaurant's menus and support the local area.

At the Plateau Spa at Asahikawa Grand, there are a variety of baths to choose from such as the hot reclining bath and the cold baths, as well as saunas. Extra services like massages and facial scrubs are also available.

Overall, I had a very comfortable stay at Asahikawa Grand and my needs were well attended to. If you’re intending to visit the renowned Asahiyama Zoo or want to try original, Hokkaido ramen from its place of origin, I would definitely recommend the Asahikawa Grand Hotel for a relaxing and luxurious stay.

Valerie Kor

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