Itsukushima Shrine (known popularly as the Miyajima Shrine) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At low tide you can walk out to it. (Photo: Hannah Booth)

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Top three reasons to love Miyajima in Hiroshima

Hannah Booth   - 1 min read

Three reasons why I love Miyajima:

  1. The beautiful Itsukushima Shinto Shrine that sits on the coast of Miyajima Island. During low tide, you can walk out to it and put a little offering of a few coins into the barnacles that have formed on it. At high tide you can kayak right through it.
  2. Daisho-In Temple that sits at the top of the island not only provides beautiful views of the shrine but it also holds its own as a place to lose hours of time wondering through.
  3. Tame deer you can pet...enough said!

I love Miyajima, so much that I've taken the time to visit it three times since I arrived. I would highly recommend it as a place to see while traveling in Japan.

Hannah Booth

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