Flowers bloom and enhance the landscape beauty of this quaint village.  (Photo: Karen Zheng)

Summertime in Shirakawago

Beauty in a traditional village

Karen Zheng   - 1 min read

Like all places of scenic beauty, Shirakawago presents a unique landscape in each season.

This summer, I found myself wandering along this quaint traditional village that has been marked as one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. Nestled in the Ono district of Gifu Prefecture, it is easily accessible from Takayama City. The main attraction of the village lies in its gassho-zukuri (a traditional building style) farmhouses but besides that, the colourful summertime blooms and interesting-looking scarecrows further bring out the beauty of Shirakawago.

Karen Zheng

Karen Zheng @karen.zheng

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