Shirakawa-go is famous for its straw thatched roofs (Photo: Jaime Wong)

Quaint Village Shirakawa-go

A beautiful quiet place to visit

Jaime Wong   - 1 min read

Shirakawa-go is a quaint little village declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. The village is most famous for the traditional farmhouses, with steeply sloped thatched roofs which are constructed without nails. The best way to experience the village is to stay overnight in one of their farmhouses/inns, which often provides a delicious home cooked meal as well. The quietness and calm that you can find in Shirakawa-go is a great experience and chance to relax from busy cities or suburban areas. 

Shirakawa-go is most easily accessible by doing a day trip to it from Takayama, but even better to do an overnight trip to ensure you get to experience the farmhouse/inn stay. 

Jaime Wong

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