the b hakata (Photo: Jerome Lee)

The b hakata, Fukuoka

Comfort found in the busy port of Hakata

the b hakata (Photo: Jerome Lee)
Jerome Lee   - 3 min read

Hotels usually cater to two groups of people: the traveller, who after a long day of sightseeing, shopping and eating need somewhere inviting to rest their weary self at, or for the businessman, who just wants to shut off from the world after a long day of draining business meetings. the b hakata provides that comfort to both these groups of people.

Conveniently located within a five-minute walk from JR Hakata Station, it is hard to miss this hotel. The 'b' logo, adorned in bright red, is instantly recognisable: the b hakata, owned by Ishin Hotels Group, has many hotels throughout Japan including the b roppongi in Tokyo, the b nagoya in Aichi and the b kobe in Kobe.

The letter b stands for four concepts: good breakfast, comfortable bed, balance in your life and an ideal location for business requirements, and I can certainly vouch for that. Upon entering the hotel, the reception and cleaning staff greeted me with that unmistakable Japanese hospitality, and the assurance of attending to my every need during my stay. The hotel consists of 8 floors, with guest rooms from the second to eighth. The second floor consists of vending machines that dispense non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, the latter convenient for guests who wish to satisfy that midnight alcohol craving, and also a washing machine and dryer. The rooms come in 3 types: Standard Double, Deluxe Double and Deluxe Twin. They are a fusion of modern and Japanese interior decor, with pastel green walls and wooden bed frames reminiscent of traditional tatami floors. I had the opportunity to stay in the Deluxe Double, which was well-equipped with all the amenities that I would need: a more-than-comfortable bed with a duvet and free high-speed internet among others.

The hotel also provides a buffet breakfast in the morning, with a mixture of both Japanese and western​ dishes, and is sure to satisfy guests before they start their day. Most importantly, the b hakata is conveniently located. There's easy access to public transport with JR Hakata Station, a FamilyMart right next to it, and a huge Yodobashi Camera store just 2 minutes away by foot for the more technologically-inclined. For those interested to explore the area, the famous Canal City shopping centre is a 20-minute walk away from the b hakata, and the former is also close to many of Fukuoka's famous attractions such as the yatai (food stalls) along the river. The b hakata is definitely an option for those looking to book themselves into somewhere nice, and I would not hesitate recommending it to family and friends.

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