Neo-Renaissance style building (Photo: Eitetsu Terakado)

Library of International Friendship

Grab a book and a coffee and relax

Eitetsu Terakado   - 1 min read

There are tons of things to see in Mojiko, Kitakyushu. The whole city is like a historical site and it feels like you time traveled into the early 1900s. But because there is so much, it’s important to rest your feet. If you’re looking for a place to chill out, a short train ride from Hotel Crown Palais in downtown Kitakyushu and just outside JR Mojiko Station is the Library of International Friendship. The building is Neo-Renaissance style, which is easy on the eyes and helps create a relaxing mood. The library contains books and newspapers in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, Russian, and many other languages.

Eitetsu Terakado

Eitetsu Terakado @eitetsu.terakado

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