Steam locomotive at the entrance (Photo: Eitetsu Terakado)

Kyushu Railway History Museum

Great museum to learn about train related history

Eitetsu Terakado   - 1 min read

Just a short train ride from the Asano Hotel in central Kitakyushu and less than five minutes' walk from JR Kyushu Mojiko Station is Kyushu Railway History Museum. The museum has classic locomotives and sleeping cars you can’t find running anymore. Even though I wasn’t a train fanatic, I may have turned into one after visiting this museum. Not only are real trains displayed, you can find train-related items such as train tickets, ticket clippers, station lunches known as ekiben, beautiful train photos, and much more. One of my favorite attractions is a simulator that allows you to experience an almost real handling of a train.

Eitetsu Terakado

Eitetsu Terakado @eitetsu.terakado

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