Berry Deluxe French toast (Photo: Linda Cordes)

Ivorish in Fukuoka

Delicious French toast in Kyushu's largest city

Linda Cordes   - 1 min read

Located in the busy Tenjin area, this lovely little restaurant really knows how to make some amazing French toast. They offer seasonal flavors, like pumpkin, which is what I ordered when I went. There were pumpkin slices on top of the French toast and the French toast was stuffed with a cream cheese mixture that was absolutely delicious.

If you're not super hungry and just want a cup of coffee and something sweet, they offer half size on most of their French toasts.

They get very busy on the weekends so I highly recommend going on a weekday if at all possible. Even during the week you should be prepared to wait a little bit.

Linda Cordes

Linda Cordes @linda.cordes

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