Luxury twin beds. (Photo: Elizabeth Wormald)

Hotel Grantia Wakamiya

A relaxing onsen hotel in tranquil Miyawaka

Luxury twin beds. (Photo: Elizabeth Wormald)
Elizabeth Wormald   - 3 min read

Hotel Grantia Wakamiya is a relaxing resort located in the hills outside Fukuoka. Wellness Wakamiya is host to several natural onsen (hot spring baths). The resort has two outdoor baths, two outdoor font baths, a large indoor bath, a sauna, a bedrock bath, a relaxation room, and a massage therapy suite. This is the perfect place to relax in traditional Japanese style.

I stayed in a twin room with large plush beds, LAN internet access, a wide-screen television, a bathroom and a balcony. The hotel is tastefully decorated and all your wants are catered to. Combs, toothbrushes, and all your cosmetic needs are provided. They also supply guests with a daily jinbei (Japanese traditional summer wear), so you don't have to worry about clean clothes during your stay. There are several types of rooms offered, including some Japanese style if you want some luxury time on tatami.

Hotel Grantia Wakamiya is one of the most welcoming and caring hotels I have stayed at. I popped down to use the communal computers in the lobby, and after five minutes the hotel manager, Youichirou Yamaguchi, brought over a laptop for me to check my mail in the comfort of my own room! The hotel staff also happily call taxis and offer advice on local attractions, and they even asked which days I wanted my room cleaned! While the clientele is predominantly Japanese, a lot has been done to accommodate western guests. Manager Yamaguchi speaks English, and the important info is provided in several languages.

Golf, tennis, and indoor badminton facilities are available, so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst taking it slow. The restaurant on premises boasts an impressive Japanese menu, with simple dishes such as soba noodles and tempura all the way up to vast banquets. The hotel also provides a bento (boxed lunch) for your day on the golf course.

Hotel Grantia Wakamiya is a great place to have a traditional Japanese vacation. Dressed in your jinbei you can head for a typical local breakfast, then pop into the onsen to spend an hour soaking in the beautiful outdoor baths. You can treat yourself in the evening to massage therapy, and then read some manga in the relaxation room. And if you're into hot and heavy sport, why not watch sumo on the wide-screen television in the sauna? The hotel offers day service, so you don't need to stay the night to visit their refreshing onsen.

For an exciting break from your pampering and relaxation, there are several nearby attractions, such as the Takehara Tomb and Kiyomizu Temple. The surrounding area is beautiful with rolling hills, a handful of hidden shrines, and lush greenery. Wakamiya is a great reflection of rural Japanese life—think "My Neighbour Totoro"-style unspoilt landscapes and rural farm houses. Just a 25-minute taxi ride from JR Kyushu Akama Station, the Hotel Grantia Wakamiya resort is around an hour and a half away from central Fukuoka City, making it a fantastic weekend getaway.

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