This is the ACROS building. It's a wonderful example of eco-architecture. You can go up into the steps garden during the day to get a nice panorama of Tenjin Chuo Park and the Naka River. (Photo: Michelle Madden)

A Sundown Stroll in Tenjin

The romantic ambience of downtown Fukuoka

Anonymous   - 1 min read

Tenjin is a charming area set in downtown Fukuoka. It has the same exciting feel of a bigger Japanese city but with less crowding. Tenjin leads right up to the Naka River where you find some of the most beautiful scenery. The balance between concrete and nature in this part of the city is on point. There are beautiful parks and viewing points onto the river, as well as some really great architecture. At night this area comes alive as the city lights flicker, mirrored on the surface of the water. Buskers on the bridge create a romantic ambience perfect for an evening stroll.


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